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Product Name: Gadlee GT70 micro ride-on scrubber dryer
Category: Ride-on scrubber

Product Detail:

GT70 micro ride-on scrubber dryer is speciallydesigned to replace walk-behind auto scrubbers. It takes less space than awalk-behind, but cleans 3x as fast!

GT70 features a light and smooth steering,it can be used in even the most congested areas and the narrowest passages, withnew ECO mode system and super silent design allowing daytime cleaningeverywhere.

-          Clean 3X faster thanwalk-behind machine

-          Super slient: 54dBA noise levelwith ECO mode

-          Large 70L capacity

-          Equip withwater sensor ensure maximum protection for brush and vacuum system

-          Easy accessto tank and batteries for cleaning and service and no tool needed for scrubdeck access

Gadlee Green Cleaning Equipment Corporation



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