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Product Name: Gadlee GT110 Ride On Scrubber Dryer
Category: Ride-on scrubber

Product Detail:

GT 110 ride-on scrubber dryers is the highest buying rate of a flagship model, it covering all commercial floor cleaning applications.  It can be used in even the most congested areas and the narrowest passages. Low noise level allowing daytime cleaning everywhere, even in noise sensitive areas, u sch as school, office, hospital, waiting room, meeting room, workshop, logistic centre and super market.

-  Greatly improve the applicability by development of Eco mode 
-  Low noise design (60dBA@Eco mode) make the machine suitable for daytime cleaning
-  Extremely large battery compartment allows batteries of up to 6.5 @Eco mode hours running time)
-  Modular design of electronic control system, common platform can achieve parts exchange
-  Swing type of brush design, easy to clean the wall area
-  Squeegee automatic fall-off design, protection equipment from accidental damage
-  Tools rack and trolley hook could improve the convenience of collaborative work

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