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Product Name: Gadlee GT180 ride-on scrubber dryer
Category: Ride-on scrubber

Product Detail:

Gadlee 180 ride-onscrubber dryer range is extremely compact and stable, ideal for all scrubbingtasks. It can be configured with different brushes, pads and other options tofit exact customer requirements. There are four models with cleaning paths of 70 cm, 85 cm, 95 cm,105 cm and 75 cmwith two cylindrical brushes and sweeping system.

GT250 and GT180range is ideal for heavy commercial applications such as shopping malls andairport terminals, as well as for industrial uses such as warehouses andloading bay areas.

-  5 models with cleaning paths of 70 cm, 85 cm,95 cm,105 cm and 75 cm with two cylindrical brushes andsweeping system.

-  Extremely large battery compartmentallows batteries of up to 305 Ah (6 hours running time)

-  3 independent programs allow best settingsfor all types of applications.

-  Combined scrubbing-sweeping system thatincludes debris hopper (75 RS models)

-  Equipwith water sensor ensure maximum protection for brush and vacuum system.

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