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Product Name: HYS66 Hand push sweep the floor machine
Category: Metal cleaning agent

Product Detail:

Model:                      HYS66 Hand push sweep the floor machine

Product size:             1412*704*988mm

The net weight:          Tentative

Gross weight:            Tentative

Voltage:                    DC24V

Speed:                   0~3.5km/h

Gradeability:          The Angle of 5

The width of the roller:           500mm

Number of side brush/width: 1/450mm

The bin capacity:                   40L

Taking out the trash:               manual

Direction of garbage:              behind

The side brush motor power: 90W

Roller motor power:              400W

Shake the dust motor power: 80W

The biggest work efficiency:   2275㎡/h

The battery:                              12V-85AH*2

The battery using time:               8Hour

Charging time:                           2Hour

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