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Product Name: Exodor Ultimate Waste Deodorizer
Brand: WALEX
Category: Deodorant

Product Detail:

Exodor Ultimate Waste Treatment is developed to eliminate odors from the source of waste using appropriate spraying equipment. The product is a super concentrate which is diluted with water and sprayed over the waste where the odor originates. Exodor Ultimate is the result of years of research and study into preventing and/or destroying foul odors by killing bacteria producing malodor in waste. The scientifically developed formulation destroys surface odors from hydrogen sulfide and ammonia gases coming from decomposing waste products, acting to eliminate odors at their source instead of masking or covering up the odor.

Use Direction:

  • Spray Ultimate in the squats and nearby floors, urinals and the floor underneath, drains, murky corners that are uneasy to clean, and tissuebins.
  • Spray Ultimate on the mop or add proper Ultimateinto dirty water buckets of the moping system to eliminate odor on the mop, as well as the odor on the floor when mopping the floor.

   Application Area:

  • Transportation Center: Airports, Bus Stations, Train Stations, etc.
  • Entertainment Places: Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Bars, Cinemas, etc.
  • Hospitals, Schools and office buildings, etc.
  • Exhibition Halls, Libraries, etc.

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