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Product Name: PORTA-PAK Holding Tank Deodorizer
Brand: WALEX
Category: Deodorant

Product Detail:

Portable Restroom Odor Control Solution

Portable toilets on the streets always give people a bad impression with malodor. Walex’s Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer can make feces do not give off malodor anymore by killing bacteria producing odors. This solution solves the odor problem from the source, and give outstanding odor control performance up to one week. Deodorant discs and Bravo deodorizing Urinal Screens can also be used in portable toilets for long-lasting odor control and give pleasant smell.

Odor Control Operation:

Applicable Products: PORTA-PAK Holding Tank Deodorizer, Deodorant Discs and Bravo Deodorizing Urinal screens.

Liquid dosage: One pak of Port-Pak a holding tank with volume of 300L. 


  1. Get proper Porta-Pak according to the size of the holding tank.
  2. DissolvePORTA-PAK with 10-20 liter water in a small bucket, and stir to mix it well.
  3. Pour the dissolved Porta-Pak into the cleaned toilet holding tankwith some clean water in it. If the restroom have more toilets/squats, dissolved Porta-Pak need to be poured evenly to each toilet/squat.
  4. Now you can use the odorless restroom! Porta-Pak can prevent the feces in the holding tank to give odor in one week!
  5. Usually the portable toilet will be pumped once a week. When you re-use the restroom afterpumping, repeat the step 1-3.
  6. You can also use deodorant discs or Bravo urinal screenin the portable toilet for long-lasting odor control, and a get pleasant smell in the restroom.

Other Application Areas

  • Holding tanks on long-distance coaches, bullet trains, RVs, a
  • Septic tanks, stinking ponds
  • Pump rooms and sludge





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