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Product Name: Bravo Deodorizing Urinal Screens
Category: Deodorant

Product Detail:


Outstanding Restroom and Urinal Odor Control

Innovative Bravo urinal screens offer powerful deodorizing performance with strong fragrance release that lasts longer than standard products. The unique use-activated feature delivers additional odor control. The patented shape provides superior fit in all urinal styles with a ribbed surface designed to reduce splashing.


• Bacteria action deodorizes  and cleans urinal and drain

• Powerful and long-lasting  performance

• Eliminates need for  special sprays

• Prevents calcium scale  build-up

• Maximizes drainflow

• Use-activated

• Environmentally friendly

• Biodegradable



Deodorizer Application:

Bravo Deodorizing Urinal Screens: Place the Bravo screenon the urinal for long-lasting odor control.


Application Area:

 All restrooms in public area:

  • Transportation Center: Airports, Bus Stations, Train Stations, etc.
  • Entertainment Places: Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Bars, Cinemas, etc.
  • Hospitals, Schools and office buildings, etc.
  • Exhibition Halls, Libraries, etc.

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